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GPS Asset Tracking Now Available!

National Transportation Partners wishes to announce that GPS asset tracking devices now available! Introducing our easy to install, dependable and rugged GPS Asset Tracking devices! Affordable and "Future Proof" Keep your trucks and trailers secure Useful for IRP Reporting, Permit, and IFTA Tax Filings Easy ...

AOBRDs VS ELDs – Why This Matters

AOBRDs are defined as Automatic On-Board Recording Devices that are governed by regulations originally passed into law in 1988. Many carriers preferred AOBRDs due to their ease of use, less restrictive regulation, and flexibility for correcting mistakes, in comparison to ELDs. ELDs are governed by the new law passed ...

In case of AOBRD Mode Device Malfunctions

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, if an AOBRD device malfunctions and prevents the accurate recording of the driver's hours-of-service, the driver should take the following steps: Note the AOBRD malfunction (MasterELD can issue an official Record of Malfunction satisfying this requirement, ...

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