How Transportation Management Software Can Help Your Operation

July 2, 2019 Comments: 2

Maximize Your Company’s Potential With A Great TMS System

Often times, as carriers grow, they will continue to use the same tools as when they were 1-2 truck operations. From using Excel, whiteboards, post-it notes to track loads, trucks, trailers, billings, etc. this can quickly become a nightmare!

Here are 5 simple ways a TMS can greatly increase your earnings and potential:

  • Tracking Driver Info – Driver qualification files and information can quickly become lost among a lot of other paperwork. Tracking driver information such as driver license expiration dates becomes much easier, allowing you to avoid often-times expensive issues with drivers
  • Tracking Vehicle Info – Trucks need regular maintenance. Air brakes servicing, oil changes, tire rotations. This is all very bothersome for smaller operations who do everything themselves. Preventative maintenance is much cheaper than roadside towing!
  • Dispatching and Accounting – From awarding a load to a qualified driver and truck, to tracking the load, pick ups, lumpers, detention, to delivery and payment, track every single point of revenue along every single route to maximize your profits!
  • Integration with Other Technology – Many carriers are surprised to find TMS software can be integrated with Macropoint, Fuel Cards, ELD software, GPS trackers, Intuit QuickBooks, and even platforms like Convoy and Project44. Technology really can make your life easier, and a good TMS knows how to connect all of the pieces together.
  • Income and Management Reports – Find out which trucks, which drivers, which dispatchers, which routes make you the most money! A great TMS system will easily generate such reports, allowing any company administration insight into what is working, and what is not.

To find out how a TMS can benefit your operation, contact 630-422-7497 or write us at, for a free consultation!

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