Amid Slowing Year for Trucking, FMCSA Close to Hours-Of-Service Changes For 2019

March 16, 2019 Comments: 0

The Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration has announced that they are close to finalizing proposed changes to hours-of-service regulations.

According to FMCSA Administrator Raymond Martinez, speaking at the Truckload Carriers Association in Las Vegas on March 12, after working closely with industry feedback, the agency is close to finishing proposed changes to Hours-of-Service regulations.

As the trucking industry growth slows in 2019,  and the industry is reporting close to a 50,000 drivers shortage to fulfill transportation needs, some understanding has to be reached between enforcement personnel and the industry. Trucking will still be expected to grow in 2019, however this may greatly depend on federal regulations governing trucking operations, ELDs, and to lesser extent, Chinese tariffs for goods coming into the country.

With slower growth, carriers will have to make up the slack either by offering nicer bonuses to keep drivers or taking advantage of better software to maximize profits.

After receiving close to 5,200 public comments regarding proposed changes, the FMCSA has stated it is very close to announcing changes, says Mr Martinez. Stay tuned for further updates.

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